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Hosting with Good Mojo

It is our passion to help our clients achieve their highest level of success in every way we can. MojoHost provides high quality, reliable and trustworthy hosting services with a proven record of performance. From leading edge infrastructure to our fully attentive support staff, and rock-solid security, we always make sure that our clients and their digital assets have a safe and cozy digital home. That’s what we call Good Mojo.

Uncompromising Infrastructure

Name brand server hardware, top-tier bandwidth, and next-generation routers are building blocks for reliable service. Trained data center technicians work on-site at each location while management and systems administration teams reside in our Michigan operations center (MOC) for seamless global operation. Delivering data for your site online all the time, everywhere. That’s always the goal we have in mind.

Real Mojo Includes Love & Support

The true desire to help solve problems for our clients is the primary quality we look for in every new team member. MojoHost server administrators have an average of 7 years’ experience in the field. When you choose a MojoHost fully managed hosting plan,  you are hiring 3 shifts of full-time server admins to take care of your infrastructure and protect your websites around the clock.

Performance Networking

MojoHost’s ASN is 27589. If you’d like to look up what our network looks like – please be our guest. We are directly connected with the 4 largest fiber providers in the world, as well as a major peering exchange. That means that your data always has at least 4 ways to get to your users. The peace of mind that can only come from properly networked redundancy and data throughput reliability. Award winning people and state of the art hardware.

Why Good People Choose MojoHost

MojoHost is honored to serve so many great people with a team dedicated to providing real solutions rather than just doing the minimum. That is why the feedback we get matters so much to us. It’s the best indicator of whether we are providing real value. See for yourself with testimonials about MojoHost from clients you may already know.

Our Most Popular Hosting Plans:

Choose a plan that works best for you. Your choice ranges from Basic Support, to Fully Managed Servers. Best of all our plans are modular and can always be customized to fit the specific needs of your company. Contact us to discuss the many ways we can optimize, improve and further develop your hosting infrastructure.

Bronze gear

Bronze Support


The Bronze plan fits best if you use a VPS to host several websites and email accounts, but do not expect a need for regular assistance. It may also fit if your in-house server admin requires additional help from more seasoned server administrators. All support plans include 24/7/365 monitoring.

This plan includes:
  • 2 Hour SLA
  • On-Demand Assistance
  • Up to 20 Minutes Advanced Support
  • System Patching Included

Silver Support


The Silver support plan is recommended for customers with fairly static businesses, who do require assistance in configuration on a regular basis. This will cover your needs if you plan to host a dozen websites and reach out to support once or twice a week.

This plan includes:
  • 1 Hour SLA
  • On-Demand Assistance
  • Up to 40 Minutes Advanced Support
  • System Patching Included

Gold Support


The Gold support plan covers extensive turn-key support and includes anything from setting up an FTP account to managing replication for clients. If you want your hosting to 'just be taken care of' by our team of professionals, then this is the plan for you.

This plan includes:
  • 30 Minute SLA
  • On-Demand Assistance
  • Up to 60 Minutes Advanced Support
  • System Patching Included

MojoHost News:

In our News Blog on this website, you can learn useful information about Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers, DNS, Cloud Hosting, Content Delivery Networks, Infrastructure Optimization, and keep up to date with everything happening in the Hosting world. See what MojoHost is working on, along with where and when you can meet our talented team at upcoming conferences or tradeshows around the globe.

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