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CDN: Place Your Content Worldwide

Businesses use CDNs to ensure the swiftness of data delivery and improve the performance of their web properties. Consumers appreciate when businesses use a CDN, though they may not always be aware of it because it ensures that their experience on a website is flawless.
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Latency: What is It & How to Avoid It

In networking, latency refers to the delay on the network between when a user clicks on something and when the information actually shows up on the page. Most people get frustrated after just a few seconds of latency, so this number is very important to keep as low as possible.
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Free WHOIS privacy & discounted domains

We at MojoHost strive to provide the best service, which is why a partnership with Uniregistry was a logical step. This integration will benefit both small and large domain portfolio owners as the registrar’s pricing is highly competitive. Naturally, we will be…

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