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This sysadmin is thrilled when learning about quantum mechanics in relation to quantum computing. Eric is now 38 years old. He’s been working in hosting for years, and cherishes the challenge that comes with managing multiple servers.  He studied Computer Science at the AMA Computer University.

He grew up in Bulacan, Philipines and has only great memories of his childhood adventures. He enjoys cooking and his favorite foods are sushi and a dish from his homeland – Menudo. His dream is to travel the world – see and experience different places, learn about people and their cultures. If the sysadmin could have superpowers, it’d be teleportation and an enhanced physical body.

Eric is easily pulled into a good MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game). If he’s going to the movies, it’s a good bet that it will be an adventure film. Eric’s favorite books are Japanese Light novels or Manga. The one that’s currently his first pick is “One Piece”.

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