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Lyoha’s full name is Alexey, but everyone calls him Lyoha – that’s just what he goes by. He likes science fiction, crime comedy and action movies, like “Star Wars”, “Rock-n-Rolla”, and “Max Payne”.
He reads many books in a wide range of genres, his favorite writers are Edmond Moore Hamilton, Robert Lynn Asprin, Robert Anson Heinlein.
He started his path in hosting more than 15 years ago, in secondary school when he began studying network administration. He particularly enjoys investigating and resolving challenging cases and complex problems, and eagerly studies all new developments in systems administration.
If Lyoha could have a superpower, it would definitely be some kind of intellectual power… for example, he’d like to omniscient and have the ability to create anything with the knowledge.
Lyoha is always interested in everything new in quantum and relativistic physics, astronomy, aviation, and computer science.
He likes aviation and space simulators, first-person shooters and strategies. His favorite games are “IL-2 Sturmovik”, “Doom”, “Unreal Tournament”, “Starcraft -2 “, “Elite Dangerous”.
But this guy isn’t all computer-focused, he can even cook a “Napoleon” cake, but mostly he likes to cook meat on the grill, or solyanka – a spicy soup of vegetables and meat.
Alexey likes to travel, but his dream is to visit the North and South Poles, also the Niagara Waterfall and the Grand Canyon.
He is 33 years old, studied at Zaporizhya National Technical University and obtained a Master of Micro and Nanoelectronics degree.
Alexey lives in Zaporizhya from his early childhood, though he was born in the Crimea, so he had holidays there every summer, and it’s the first place on the priority list when he plans a vacation.

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