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It wasn’t by choice that I started using Mojo back in 2013 when they acquired the hosting company that I’d been happily using for the last few years.  And, to be completely honest, the 1st 3 or so years were really uneventful.  Aside from some basic stuff (setting up domains, emails, FTP access, etc.) I can’t remember having to contact support for any problems whatsoever.  Then came the server move in Jan 2017 & my introduction to Jerry…


Let me 1st say that I am FAR from tech savvy.  Sure, I can hand code basic HTML based on 1997 standards like nobody’s business, and I can still WYSIWYG with the best of’em, but you give me access to script or database files & I can fuck shit up like nobody else.  When I screw up, it’s fucking biblical.  Let me also say that the script that runs my sites is OLD – it’s from 2001 & not only am I the only webmaster that I know of that still uses it, the person that wrote it had been MIA for about 10 years.  I was scared shitless to move to a new server, so I asked Jerry if we could move just 1 domain over that was using the script to test it.  So he did & it was nothing but Internal Server Errors 🙁 I then asked him if he could look at it & see if it was something simple & of course, it wasn’t.  I honestly don’t even remember asking him if he could fix it, because it’s not his fucking job to fix my old unsupported script.  Over the next few days, Jerry bent over backwards repairing a script that he’d probably never seen before so that it would run on the new machine and when he finally got it working, I was as happy as a fat kid in a candy store!  He then moved the other domains over & one by one, fixed them all.  Hell, he even fixed my circa 2009 vBulletin message board!  I fully expected to see, at the very least, a couple $100 added to my next monthly invoice.  I was not charged a fucking dime.  This man, who I’d probably never communicated with before the server move, basically saved my websites & my company.


Since then, it’s been smooth sailing.  I submit a ticket & they get back to me 15-30 minutes later to tell me it’s done.  But because of how Jerry handled that server move, you couldn’t drive a dump truck full of cash up to my house to entice me away from Mojo.  I’m here until 1 of 2 things happens: I die or the hamster does 🙂


Thank you Mojo.  Thank you Brad.  And, because I can’t fucking say it enough, THANK YOU JERRY!



Mark J – Greenguy Link O’Rama

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