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Alexey loves snow, computers, computer games, science fiction, dinos and cats. He tries to treat people in the same way he’s treated. He loves everything old and mysterious, but values comfort too. Sitting somewhere on the top of the mountain in wildlands in a comfortable car and watching Aurora is something he dreams of doing in life at least once.

Alexey loves everything about space and had astronomy as a hobby back in childhood. If he had a chance, he’d take Musk’s one-way ticket to Mars, because, you know, “The truth is out there”.

While our whole life is a survival simulator itself, he also likes to play survival games from time to time. The best of the genre, per Alexey, is ARK: Survival Evolved, because… dinosaurs. It’s cool to have a chance to ride a T-Rex chewing little dinos on your way or fly over the volcano on Pteranodon’s back, even if it’s just a game.

Alexey has not had a chance to travel yet, but he loves nature and dreams of seeing Yellowstone and visiting Greenland, Norway and Iceland.

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