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This young lady loves cooking. She thinks that hot and spicy dishes rule the world.

Tasha is 29 years old. Born in Odessa, Ukraine. She spent her childhood in this beautiful coastal city and cannot imagine living away from the sea. She graduated from Odessa National Economic University and holds a Master of Economics degree.

Tasha adores all of Guy Ritchie’s movies, especially Sherlock Holmes and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. If she has some time to relax, you can find her reading an Alex Pehov‘s book, something like Shadow Prowler. Alternatively, she could be daydreaming about getting a ‘Flash’ superpower, mostly because it would help to reduce travel expenses… to zero, which would give her an opportunity to travel more.

She likes to learn languages and different cultural habits because it is respectful to people in the counties she visits. If she could go to any country, her first choice would be Japan due to its unique culture and also the awesome oceanariums. The second destination would be Singapore because it is interesting to find out how such a small country could develop to be one of the leading hubs for business.

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