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Abner began working for MojoHost in August 2009, so he has been part of the MojoFamily for almost a decade now. This talented Data Center Technician is 43 years old, and he was born in Holguin, Cuba.

In Cuba, Abner studied Engineering in Telecommunications and Electronics, always liked to tinker with electronic devices.

From 3rd grade to 6th grade Abner attended a sport school where he practiced Swimming the first year and later fencing. Abner participated in a National championship and his team won 3rd place representing Holguin. He excelled particularly in the sabre discipline.

The DC Tech likes action, adventure, fantasy and science fictions movies. He also enjoys reading, mainly about technology and science. His latest vivid interest is A.I.

Sometimes Abner cooks, in particular he enjoys fish dishes prepared in a variety of ways, also beans & rice and beans soup.

If he could go anywhere in the world, Abner would take a tour around Europe. It’s a childhood dream and so he looks forward to making it come true.

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