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Nikita is 21 years old and he is currently studying software engineering. He’s been working in hosting for 2 years and loves it. Messing with servers is a hobby that is also well-paid.

The very first memory of Nikita’s is of walks with his grandmother. He can vividly picture an early morning of a cold Autumn day, which was quite cloudy and windy. His memory brings back being in a stroller and the inexplicable feeling of excitement from all those orange leaves flying around.

The young sysadmin loves all movies except comedies, which he’d comment on “burn them with fire!”. Drama is the genre of choice. Some of his favorite movies are Requiem for a Dream, The Shawshank Redemption, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Goodfellas, and American Beauty.

In literature, Nikita prefers fantasy books. The Witcher book series has so far been most captivating.

New technology, not exclusively in hosting, is the most thrilling topic of study.

Gamer to the bone, Nikita plays videos games almost constantly during free time. He has completed more than 500 games already. These are mostly single player as he doesn’t enjoy competition, preferring to explore new worlds and interesting story lines. While that is true, he plays any genres except the new popular ones like “royal battle” or “MOBA”… his comment here too would be “burn them with fire!”.

If Nikita had a choice of superpower, it’d be immortality. He is convinced that one can achieve anything without superpowers if there is enough time, effort and death isn’t an option.

You won’t see the guy cooking in the kitchen. His favorite food is burgers.

If this sysadmin could go anywhere in the world, his first choice would be to explore the Western part of the US. He has always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, magnificent forests of Oregon with gigantic trees covered in moss. He’d also love to visit Seattle and San Francisco.

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