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Sergey is a big Marvel fan. He is in love with super-hero movies and truly enjoys all the cool stuff that is associated with those, but what he likes most is to find some movie with a strong main character, grab a bit of delicious food and live one more life.

This sysadmin has been working in hosting for 5 years. He began his career as a support agent in shared hosting growing to take on the challenge of advanced support on cloud servers and since January 2018 he has been with Mojo.
Sergey jokes that while he took the job because of the nice salary, he soon realized it meant more to him than the paycheck. He discovered great people here, which are aimed at achieving wonderful things, and so is happy to be part of the team.

His chosen superpower would be infinitive wisdom. If he had that, he’d soon realized he should have asked for infinite money.

A huge part of Sergey’s off-duty life is games. His favorite are good, long PRG or RTS, which he can play for months. Thanks to games, he has lived thousands of lives already and doesn’t want to stop. However, the first rule of the game club is –  you do not talk about game club!

He’s not very big on cooking and only knows how to make a few dishes. Well, Sergey’s wife swears they are delicious 😉 Who knows, after all I learned to cook for her.

Sergey is 31 years old. He’s a computer guy to the bones. He picked at computers and played games in school, studied computers and networks at the University, repaired computers in his first job and ended up here, in hosting – managing a large and complex network of computers.

Sergey was born in the land of the cossacks – Zaporizhia – a city, with a ton of history in Ukraine. As a kid, he played chess and even won a few local tournaments.

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